Lavender + Sage + Chamomile

Lavender + Sage + Chamomile

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Calming and relaxed fragrance with scent notes of Lavender, Sage, and Chamomile ooh lah lah. Woosah away and enjoy the calmness this candle creates in your presence.

  • Hand Poured with Love and Great Vibes 
  • Premium Fragrance Oil blend
  • 12 oz./ 55 hr burn time 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
nicole potter
Very beautiful and relaxing

I received my candle and wanted to save it for a special day. Well,..everyday is special! So I lit it up and it was a very relaxing and beautiful scent! My brother who isn’t even in to candles and scents, walked in a said “Oohh what’s that smell”? “ that smells really good”! I am very pleased and will be ordering again!

Toni Thomas

In love with ur candle

Timothy G.
Calming & Energetic

This candle smells calming and energetic. It has helped me “woosah” while working from home and leading a team. I appreciate the energy it brings and it does permeate throughout my apartment. I would say it doesn’t quite burn evenly however this is a must-have! I’ll be ordering again!

Jamie Z

The scent isn't as strong as I would have imagined, but still smells great. These candles have a wonderfully long burn time, and smell awesome. I will continue to come back and try new scents.

Perfect timing

Just what I needed on the day it delivered. Smells relaxing.