Darius Lovehall : Sea Salt + Plum + Dark Musk

Darius Lovehall : Sea Salt + Plum + Dark Musk

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Darius Lovehall the poet, the renaissance man, and his suaveness caught Nina's eye with this poem. We couldn't help but put our fingers together, like yasssss lol. This fragrance is blended with Sea Salt, Plum, and Dark Musk, a perfect masculine and feminine combination. If "Love Jones" was a smell this would be it. Promise me you will have this lit while the soundtrack is playing or movie :)

  • Hand Poured with Love and Great Vibes 
  • Premium Fragrance Oil blend
  • 12 oz./ 55 hr burn time 

Customer Reviews

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Late but on time

That’s my wife and I favorite movie so that’s why I ordered the candle even though it was late I will still support this candle business...the candle smell wonderful but I don’t know if my wife is going to light it (smh) might have to buy another one soon. I told some people already about it...thank you

I love it

I bought it as a gift. The quote& movie has sentimental value.

Brother to the night🥰

Not only did I purchase this candle because it has the quote from one of my favorite love movies, but the sent....Girl!!!!....😌......amazing!! #itsthearomaforme

Love Love

I love these candles, they leave my whole house smelling amazing!

We are truly happy that you are enjoying your candle. Thank you for choosing Belly Candle Co.

I got a Love Jones for these candles !!

I’m so happy I bought this candle it smells amazing and looks so Beautiful on my table. Love Jones is my favorite movie so it was only right I got this candle. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the other sayings from the collection and that I didn’t buy one for my mom lol. Can’t wait til they restock ❤️❤️